Just Relax

Written by Ray Scarbrough


They stood outside Jerusalem staring at the sky,
stressed by his departure right before their eyes.
As they watched him slowly fade away,
he eased their anxiety when he said I’ll be back someday.

Won’t you just relax. Put your mind at ease.
Trust me brother. You ain’t seen the last of me.
We’ll meet again another day.
So don’t you worry or be afraid.
I’ll be back… Oh Yes… Won’t you just relax

Someday I’ll drop this robe of flesh & vanish in the sky.
I may drop this jar of clay right before your eyes.
But don’t you let my passing cause you stress.
Don’t be sad at my departure. Just be happy ’cause I’ve left.

I may go to heaven through the grave,
or just fly off in the rapture.
Either way I’ll be O.K.
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