Living on the Edge

Men jump from planes & then they claim
it’s the best thrill of their lives.
Others wrestle with lions & bears
& play with guns & knives,
Well I don’t need those worldly games
to prove that I‘m a man.
For I get my fill of a glory thrill
when I recall he’s coming again.

We’re living on the edge
The edge of etemity.
The God given authority
to step out on the blue,
We’re standing on the line of time
when all will find
that the Lord’s promise is true.
We’re trying to do what Jesus said.
We’re living on the edge.

Two men in white aroused a fright
in disciples down & blue.
You see all of their hope had vanished away
& they felt that their lives would end soon.
Well the angel said just lift your head;
For the one you see going away
shall likewise come as you’ve seen him go.
And it could be any day
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