Never More to be Alone

Written by Ray Scarbrough


In a lonely little town
in a stable so discreet
laid a baby in a manger;
His countenance oh so sweet.
Though his mother held him cradled
so gentle yet so strong
to pay for all of man’s sin
he would suffer all alone.

On a lonely hill called Calvary
stood across alone &. bare.
Echoes from three days before
could almost be heard there.
Though the crowd had mocked & scomed him;
Laid him in a lonely grave;
He arose with power & glory
victorious on that day.

Separation now was over.
And the debt of sin was paid.
On the cross he paid the cost.
Sweet victory had reigned.
(repeat) He ascended to is father,
where he sits now on his throne;
Praised by saints & angels,
never more to be alone.

So if life has left you lonely
& your friends they seem few.
Just remember Jesus loves you;
He bled & died for you…
He ascended to his father
prepared for us a home.
In his arms he’ll take us, never more to be alone.


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