Only a Hill

Written by Ray Scarbrough


Oh what a struggle;
A heart full of trouble;
As Abraham climbed up Moriah.
To offer his son;
It had to be done.
It would surely bring him suffering & crying.
But in offering his best
his faith stood the test.
And on the way down the hill;
Looking back brought a thrill.

It was only a hill after all.
The Lord gave me strength to answer the call.
God brought down low the places I couldn’t go;
And the mountain didn’t seem so tall.
It was only a hill after all.

I know where you stand;
Like Abraham;
As you face a mountain off in the distance.
Though you’re seeking God’s will
through your painful ordeal;
It’s so difficult to find pain’s resistance.
But at the end of travail
joy & peace will fall.
I know that you will recall.
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