We’ll Meet Again

Previously recorded and singled by the Palmetto State Quartet.


Written by Ray Scarbrough

In a small upper chamber,
Jesus asked them to remember;
As he broke the bread
& blessed their final day.
For his time had come for leavin’;
And although he left him grievin’;
He said, I’ll return to take you far away.

We’ll meet again…
On the other side of Jordan;
There will be a brand new mornin’
in that land,
Walk hand in hand.
We’ll forget what pain has been.
We’ll rejoice for death shall end.
We’ll meet again.

If some moming you awaken;
And the news has left you shaken;
That I’ve closed my eyes in death
& passed away.
Don’t pay no mind to my coldness;
Let me say with Christian boldness;
I will meet you on that sweet homecoming day.


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