What I Have Been

Previously recorded by the Talley Trio.


Written by Ray Scarbrough

Angels appeared unto shepherds;
bringing the news of his birth.
Glory to God in the highest.
God had come down to the earth.
Shepherds sought ’til they found him.
And wise men brought treasures & myrrh.
Surely one spoke to the others;
We will never be what we once were.

Glory to God…
Glory to God in the highest.
Peace & good will…
Peace & good will be toward men.
God is with us.
He has come down & forgiven our sin.
Glory to God.
I am not what I have been.

Oh how my heart well remembers
the first time I heard the sweet news;
Of this Jesus born of a virgin;
A carpenter, King of the Jews.
And though I was not with the shepherds.
And had less to bring than wise men.
I too have been changed since I’ve met him.
I am not what I have been.


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