I’m Gonna Make It

Cut by the Dove Brothers in 2006.

Written by Ray Scarbrough


This road has long been travelled by the heroes of our faith
that trusted in the Savior & believed on his dear name.
Yet I wonder if they questioned all obstruction he allows.
If they can walk this narrow path I’ll walk it on right now,
For I’ve got to make it through somehow
There is a curve ahead, stress for my weary head.
I’m gonna make it, I know
For just a round the bend my trouble will meet its end.
I’m gonna make it, I know
Many years I’ve travelled & it seems I’m near the mark
to only find I’m miles away & standing in the dark.
But I can smell the fragrance of a new eternal prize.
If I can walk just one more mile, I won’t believe my eyes
(when I bid this world g0od-bye)
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