Even So Come Quickly

Previously recorded by Poet Voices.

Written by Phil Cross

I (John 14:1-3)

Let not your heart be troubled He said
You believe in God believe also in me

In my Father’s house are many mansions

If it were not so I would have told you

I go to prepare a place for you

I will come again to receive you unto me



Even so come quickly Lord Jesus

That is the moment we’re longing for
From this world Redeemer come free us

Even so come quickly dear Lord


II (1 Corintians 15:51-58)

Changed in a moment, the twinkling of an eye

The trumpet will sound the dead will rise

Those who remain will be caught up together

With them in the clouds to meet in the air

So small we ever be with the Lord

In the Father’s house forever more



The Lord is coming any day

He’ll come without warning to take us away

Come to God run from sin

Live every moment looking for Him


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