He Had to Be

Written by Phil Cross


He could have had a palace, a diadem

He could have had a kingdom as the great I am

He could have had riches that go to royalty

But He had to walk a different road to you and me


He had to be hungry ,He had to cry

He had to be homeless ,He had to die

He had to be broken ,He had to fall

He had to be poor so we could be sure He would come to all


He went among the common, the very small

Reached out to the whosoever will and loved them all

On a mission of mercy and amazing grace

He took the riches of the highest to the lowest place


If Jesus had the riches of earth, the poor would never know the abundance of Heaven.

If the Lord had lived in a palace, the homeless would never know a refuge.

If the Savior had not been rejected the outcast would not know acceptance.

If the Redeemer had not been cast into the dungeon the shackled would never know freedom.

And if My Champion had not fought the raging forces of hell, the soldiers of earth would never know the peace of heaven.


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