A Kiss on Every Wave

Written by Phil Cross


There is a story, the greatest of all
Sung from His glory, a Heavenly call
To all God’s creation, to each mortal soul
So every whosoever will can know

Grace has been extended
To people near and far
It reaches like the Heavens
Embracing every star
For God so loved the world
He opened up His heart and gave
A love like the ocean
With a kiss on every wave

Take the words of every orator
The poetry, the rhyme
The books of every author
The thoughts of every time
Assemble the composers
And all of their refrains
The greatest untold story still remains

O He loves me, Jesus loves me
O He loves me, and it will last eternally

There is a story, the greatest of all
It’s love like the ocean with a kiss on every wave
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