Get It Together

Written by Phil Cross

In the Father’s family, there’s something going wrong
We cannot get together, we cannot get along
We talk about theology, we only fuss and fight
While the lost and dying watch and wonder what is right

We need to get it together
Get together if we’re ever gonna reach the world
We need the sisters and brothers to love one another in the family of the Lord
We need to stand united, undivided, that’s what we’re living for
We need to get it together, get together if we’re ever gonna reach the world

We have come together to obey the Lord’s command
For He expects His children to be walking hand in hand
That’s the way he said we’d reach a world that’s lost in sin
Love one another as a family and a friend

We have been adopted as God’s own through second birth
To form a chain of love that reaches all around the earth
This grace embrace must hold in place a world about to sink
We are as strong and last as long as one weakness in one link

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