Mama’s Translation

Previously recorded by Poet Voices.

Written by Phil Cross

Today’s generation has many translations
Of the Holy Bible to read
You can read about Heaven in the 1611
Or a new, modern NIV
No matter the kind in each one we find
The truth that never will end
But the one that will change me, completely rearrange me
Was written in the life of a friend
I have a favorite translation
From Genesis to the Revelation
It’s the Bible I remember more than the rest
I like Mama’s translation the best
For her family, she labored, and to all of her neighbors
She was known as a a warrior in prayer
No matter the mission, she would take their petition
To the Lord and leave it there
Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done
I could hear her praying late at night
She gave me a sample, a living example
By always shining the light
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