Trust the Truth

Previously recorded by Poet Voices.

Written by Phil Cross and Cindi Ballard

We wonder if truth can be found
Lifting up man has let us down
The fallen and broken fill the pages of time
One thing we’ve learned from our past
God’s Word is the word that will last
When we give Him our trust, truth is the promise we find

Trust the truth of His promises
Trust the truth of His Word
God’s Word will lead us
No one can deceive us
His truth forever has freed us
Trust the truth of our God

Looking ahead to days we face
Those of this world will take their place
Lifting their gods and the dreams in their mind
Children will search for a word to trust
They will find truth if they see it in us
So we must lift up the Word, the Way, the Truth and the Life

Trust the truth
Trust the truth
Trust the truth
Trust the truth of His Word

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