Heaven’s Avenue

Previously recorded by the Perry Sisters.

Written by Diana Perry Gillette

I’m getting mighty tired and weary
Sometimes I can’t hardly wait
I just sit around and think about Heaven
The street of gold and the pearly gate
There’s a whole lot more God has in store
If we stay faithful and true
I don’t plan to miss out on a single thing
I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do

I’ll be walkin’ and talkin’ and singin’ and shouting
On Heaven’s avenue
I’ll be tellin’ the story of His praise and glory
I won’t have to be blue
I’ll never have a care, another burden to bear
Everything will be brand new
So come along, sing a song take a stroll with me
On Heaven’s avenue

I’ll take a million years to thank Him
No maybe I’ll take two
I’ll thank Him for all the many blessings
He gave to me when He brought me through
We’ll stroll by the peaceful river
Or maybe by the crystal sea
I’ll have plenty of time take all I need
As long as He’s walkin’ with me

I’ll be walkin’, walkin’ on the streets of gold
I’ll be talkin’, talkin’ with the saints of old
I’ll be singin’, singin’ with the angel band
I’ll be shoutin’, shoutin’ on a Heavenly land

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