We’re Holding the Banner

Previously recorded by the Perry Sisters.

Written by Diana Perry Gillette

Satan tries to overcome us but he’ll fail every time
If we hold up the banner ’til the last hill we shall climb
We are soldiers in God’s army marching in a heavenly band
Just up ahead the greatest leader of all is the Lord in command

We’re holding the banner for our Lord and King
We’ll all fight and win the victory and let praises ring
We’re not afraid of Satan and his army you see
For he can’t stand between the Lord and me
Now the battle’s been raging the war’s nearly won
Through many snares we’ve already come
God’s children will march toward the Promised Land
With the banner held in their hands

Now this holy banner’s been stained with Calvary’s crimson flow
Where old Satan was defeated a long, long time ago
Jesus purchased our salvation all our sins He gladly forgave
So we can’t give up keep on marching along
Let the banner proudly wave

God’s children will march toward the promised land
With the banner held in their hands

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