What Would I Do Without You

Previously recorded by the Perry Sisters.

Written by Diana Perry Gillette

When my tears flow like a river
And there’s nowhere left to cry
And I’m searching for the answers
That lie hidden deep inside
In my time of desperation
I didn’t know what to do
And I found that strength, sweet Jesus
In You

What would I do without You
What would I do?
I couldn’t live without You
Lord, you know it’s true
For all of my life, there’s no other
Who would love me like You do
I couldn’t make it without You

In the lonely hour of midnight
Help could only come from You
So I just keep right on praying
But my prayer’s not getting through
Then I hear Your voice within me say
Child, you are My own
And I’ll never, ever leave you

No, I just couldn’t make it
Without You

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