A Know-So Kind of Feelin’

Written by Diana Perry Gillette

It’s been said that heartfelt salvation is just a thing of the past
And they say that all that emotion will surely never last
But I am here to say I remember the day that sweet Holy Spirit came in
It grows sweeter and sweeter as the days go by, since Jesus washed away my sins

Yes, I know what I’ve got ’cause I felt it when I got it
It’s that old-time salvation, it’s the same, no it’s never changed
Well, you’ll know what you’ve got if you feel it when you get it
Something about it won’t let you forget it
There’s a know-so kind of feeling and I know it’s really real

Now they say this modern religion will give you peace down inside
But I know that only salvation can keep you satisfied
Your cup will overflow for it will fill your soul with everlasting joy divine
You can sing it and shout it everywhere you go
This feeling is a know-so kind

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