Then Came the Dawning

Previously recorded by the Perry Sisters.

Written by Diana Perry Gillette

The Savior was entombed
They laid Him in that room
They turned around and the stone
Was put in its place
With heavy laden hearts
‘Cause they’d never been apart
Since the day He’d called them
He’d been beside them
Now He was taken away

Then came the dawning
Oh, what a morning
Jesus broke the chains of death
And came out alive
Then came the dawning
Oh what a morning
The Son of God He arose
And He still shines

Mary went the third day
She heard the angel say
He is not here go and tell
His disciples the same
He’s risen from the dead
With tears this is what she said
We went there to see Him
With spices anoint Him
But the linens were all that remained

The Son of God He arose
And He still shines

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