Glory Can’t Tell it All

Previously recorded by the Palmetto State Quartet.

Written by Daryl Williams

I remember the time I knelt down to pray
And I repented of sin
The weight of the world lifted from me
I’d never felt that way till then
And the glory of the Lord fell around
As I was kneeling to pray
I found myself shouting “glory”
When the Lord saved me that day

But glory can’t tell it all
It can’t tell it all
He took my sins that night I pray
And He answers each time I call
He’s there beside me through every trial
Lifts me whenever I fall
I’m still shouting glory, glory to God
But glory can’t tell it all

Now I shouted glory when Jesus came in
And took away all my past
I shouted glory when I realized
That I’d found the answer at last
Sometimes I shout when I think about
Those streets and jasper walls
When I see the face of my Savior
Glory can’t tell it all

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