If He Didn’t Love Me

Written by Angie Klinker

I thought I had it all figured out
What all this craziness was about
But He had something different in mind this time
He’s teaching me not to jump the gun
That victory can only be won
By giving Him control of my life

If He didn’t love me, He wouldn’t let me learn
All the lessons that it takes to make me strong
If He didn’t love me, He wouldn’t set me free to choose my way
Love is patient and it’s kind
In this world it’s hard to find a love so true
Oh, I don’t know what I would do if He didn’t love me

Every now and then I feel
The enemy would like to steal
The joy that lives in my heart
So I just call on the name of the Lord
And He knows what I’m longing for
He lets me know I’ll be safe in His arms

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