Written by Anthony Neal

I don’t need you lord to move a mountain

I don’t need you lord to part a sea

And I don’t need to hear thunder roll across the heavens

Shouting out the love you have for me.

I don’t need to hear angels singing while kneeling at my bedside late at night

But when the world starts closing in I need more than just a feeling

That lets me know you’re more than just a friend


And if you’re listening to me now oh then lord some way some how

Would you reach through all my doubt and help me see




Lord make it real lord make it real

Don’t let Calvary just become another hill

Lord make it real so real in my life

Would you restore in me the joy I used to feel

Lord make it real




Lord I hope that you don’t mind some honest questions

I know your ways are far removed from mine

And thought those ways aren’t often clear I need more than just emotion

To be closer lord to you is my desire

Now i’m not asking that a fleece be soaked with water

Or asking that the ground around be dry

But for a single drop of life into this undeserving vessel

That needs to hear that still small voice say it’s alright


Lord I need you here and now before the rain starts pouring down

I’m a child lost in the dark down on my knees crying.


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