The Lord of Second Chance

Written by David Hanvelt and Steven Cheney


The hurt is so real, each time we mess up

And all our gallant efforts could never be enough,

To change what we’ve done

Or rectify the past

But He gathers our mistakes

And disregards them when we ask



He’s the Lord of second chances

His forgiveness has no end

He remembers to forget

Who we were and where we’ve been,

When our confidence is shaken

Still our spirit dances

Cause we’ve put our faith in the Lord

The Lord of second chances



Sins are like shadows, they follow close behind

We never want to look back, Afraid of what we’ll find,

So give them all to Jesus

Put Him to the test

He will cast them farther than

The east is from the west


Like a gentle, cleansing river

Sweeping through the soul

He opens up His arms of love

And lets forgiveness flow


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