Best Day of My Life

Written by Gregory Lousignont and Susan Jones

Verse: I awoke today and realized This would be the best day of my life. There were times I wondered if I’d make it to today. Since I did I’m gonna celebrate.   Chorus 1: I’ll celebrate the life I’ve had so far; The things I’ve overcome to make me strong. I will go through with a happy heart and my head held high. I’ll marvel at the simple gifts I see; The morning dew, the flowers, birds and trees. Just you wait and see, this is gonna be The best day of my life.   Bridge 1: Today’s the day that I put worrying aside. It’s the day that I start focusing on everything that’s right.   Chorus 2: I’ll share the joy of life that I have found And offer words of hope to one who’s down. I will encourage you and go the extra mile. I’ll open doors with kindness as the key. I’ll tell the ones I love what they mean to me.

Just you wait and see, this is gonna be

The best day of my life.   Bridge 2: I’ve found that worrying is just a waste of time, And my faith in God is telling me everything’s gonna work out fine.   Chorus 3: Tonight I’ll look upon the moon and stars, Reflect upon the Maker of it all, Deep in gratitude, I will be contented as a child. Tomorrow has it’s own reality.

I’ll face it with a stronger, better me so

When I go to sleep I’ll awake to see The best day of my life.

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