Calvary Wins Again

Previously recorded and singled by Tribute Quartet.

Written by Barbara Huffman

V1 It was the part of the service that he dreaded
When the congregation stood to bow their head
He was well acquainted with that guilty feeling
And the echo of the words the preacher said
So often he’d declined the invitation
For Jesus Christ to cleanse and set him free
But today he made his way down to the altar
Knelt down a sinner but stood up redeemed CHORUS Calvary wins again, hallelujah
Calvary wins again, amen
There’s still wonder-working power
In the blood that covers sin
Hallelujah, Calvary wins again V2 As long as there is life, there will always be a struggle
A tug of war between the right and wrong
And for everyone who makes their choice for Jesus
Satan has a plan to stop salvation’s song
But the Holy Spirit still draws souls to Calvary
And the power of the cross still saves today
And every time a sinner meets the savior
I believe the Hosts of Heaven rise to say

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