Go Down Death

Written by T Miller

CHORUS Go down, death and try to catch me Go down, death, yet I’ll be free You see, I know my Jesus and my Jesus loves me So go down, death, and try to catch me VERSE 1 You got Adam and Eve, and Abraham, too Then you took out Sarah, Boaz and Ruth And ol’ Methusaleh lived a mighty long time And still you took him and the rest of his kind Go down, go down VERSE 2 Oh, you tried to stop Enoch, but he walked too fast And you catch Elijah, but he went on past And then you met Jesus, and what a surprise He went down to death, but he came up alive BRIDGE Oh, go down death, and try catch me Go down death, yet I’ll be free And even if you catch me, you won’t hold me very long ‘Cause when I’m resurrected, I’ll be singing a song

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