He’s Real

Written by Tery Wilkins

VERSE 1 You’ve heard over the river and through the woods To Grandmother’s house we go You’ve even heard about Mary and her little Lamb Who had a fleece as white as snow Oh, but let me tell you my story about a Man from glory Who died so that we could go free You can’t read about Him in schools, or see Him on the news But let me the take the time to tell you His story CHORUS God is not dead; He’s alive and well Reality; no fairy tale Like yesterday, today He’s still the same There is still power when you speak His name His story’s not just fictional pages It tells about a king called the Rock of all Ages It’s not a myth, it’s something you can feel Not fiction, He’s real VERSE 2 The story’s told there’s not a Heaven, there’s not a Hell And you’ve wondered what you should believe You’ve even heard people say there is no God There’s no way you could be free Oh, my eyes have not seen Him, my ears have not heard Inside I know what I feel I’ll stand up and say, there is no way You can doubt the fact that He’s real

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