He’s Alive

Previously recorded.

Written by Frances Simpson

I read in the Bible how our Savior died
On the Cross for forgiveness of sin
How He did not stay in the grave where they laid Him
But rose, and He’s living again
I cried to the Lord, please give me a witness
So I can believe that it’s real
By faith I reached up and my spirit claimed it
And now it’s the truth I can feel

He’s alive, He’s alive, I know He’s alive
I can feel it way down deep inside
He’s alive, He’s alive, I know He’s alive
He’s the power that won’t be denied
He is my hopes and fears, my laughter and tears
All I am or ever could be
Wherever I go, this one thing I know
He’s alive and He’s living in me

With each breath I take, I know He is near me
Oh, He promised to hold to my hand
In each step that I make, He’s my solid rock
All others are just sinking sand
When my way is dark and life is uncertain
I know I am safe and secure
For I’ve laid down my old life
I’ve been born again
And now I can tell you for sure


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