Blessings All Around

Previously recorded by Mitchel Jon.

Written by Mitchel Jon.

I was walkin’ down the street the other day
When I saw some children at play
My heart filled with joy at the sight
Then I knew everything’s gonna be all right

There are blessings all around for you and me
We’ve just got to open our eyes to see
There are blessing all around abundantly
We’ve just got to open our eyes to see

We’ve got the sun above to light our day
Whoa, and the moon at night to brighten our away
And we’ve got a Savior who cares for us
So, you see, there really is no reason to fuss, no, no, no, no, no, no

Only the thoughts in your mind hold you down
Remember, your perception is your reality
Just open your mind to the goodness all around
Yeah, and you will clearly see

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