Even So Come Lord Jesus

Previously recorded by The Crist Family.

Written by Matt Rankin


There are days that I feel discouraged

And I’m ready to move on.

It seems I’m losing ground.

My strength is almost gone.

I get thinking ‘bout my destination

And all the bad seems to fade away

I get happy while on my journey

And I’m looking for a brighter day.



Even so come Lord Jesus,

Oh please don’t delay

For I’m ready to go to Heaven

To that land of endless day

I’m not worried about tomorrow,

For I’m on the straight and narrow way

Even so come Lord Jesus

For I’m ready to fly today.



If he came back today

That would be alright

I’m ready for that place of glory

I’m ready for that heavenly flight

Every tear shall be wiped away

By God’s very own hand

Even so come Lord Jesus

For I’m ready for that happy land.



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