Face to Face With Grace

Previously recorded by the Dove Brothers.

Written by Ray Scarbrough

Verse 1
The doctor walked into the room
He’d done all he could do
And so we did the best we could
We’d soon be losing you
And I prepared myself to see
The stillness in your face
But instead I looked into
Another face called Grace

Soothing eyes, aware and wise
A countenance of peace
A warming smile and calming style
That puts my mind at ease
O so meek and cheek to cheek
He offers His embrace
I’m day to day, but I’m okay
Because I’m face to face with Grace.

Verse 2
And now I can’t imagine
What life’s like without you
I put my best face on today
And I prayed I’d make it through
Sometimes I’m so afraid
I hit my knees and bow my head
Then Grace kneels down beside me
And says look at me instead


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