Jesus Knows My Name

Previously recorded by The Kingsmen.

Written by Matt Rankin


I believe that sin was defeated

When I knelt down to pray.

I believe that death lost the battle

When the stone was rolled away.

Though Satan still plots against me

He has no power against me today.

For my future has been determined

By an old rugged cross

And Jesus knows my name



I’m a child of the King

An heir to the throne.

That is why I sing

For my sin is all gone.

In this life I’ve never

Had riches or fame

But the God of all heaven

knows my name

Yes, Jesus knows my name.



My name was written down

When I gave my heart to him.

It was written in the lamb’s book of life

And I’m no longer bound by sin.

When I met the savior

He became my dearest friend.

Now I’m going to live with him in glory

In that city that has no end.


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