You Would Think He Would Learn

Previously cut and singled by the Dove Brothers.

Written by McCray Dove

Verse 1
Here he comes again
Just like before
Trying to bring fear and doubt
To my soul
Well you think he would learn
He can’t hold me down
Cause I’m gonna call on the one
That will lead me out

Verse 2
Satan already knows
What I’m gonna do
I’m gonna pray and pray and pray
Til I’ve prayed it through
Then once again
He’s gonna lose the fight
I’m gonna win
By Gods power and might

Through the power in Jesus name
Victory I’ve claimed
And every time
Satan was defeated
Just by trusting and believing
In the promise that was given to me
On Gods word I firmly believe
But still he returns
You would think he would learn

Why does he even try
He’s been losing since the beginning of time
Oh you would think
You would think he would learn
Friend there’s coming a day
When that old devil will learn


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