Fishing Trip

Written by Jaron Faulknor

Verse 1

It was a bright and sunny Sunday Morn

He ran out of bed before the alarm

He was ready and prepared for this all week

As his wife poured him a cup of joe

He said “I’m excited” she smiled “I know”

He couldn’t wait for time for him to leave



I’ve got a fishing trip planned today

That’s the reason for the smile on my face

I pray that the Lord will show me the place

And when I get there I’ll use the right bait

In the big big ocean that is full of sin

I know by His help I’ll reel a good one in

Get’em in the boat let the cleaning begin

And if there’s time start over again


Verse 2

He was walking by the Sea of Galilee

When he said “you two want to follow me

My plan is to make you fishers of Men

So Peter and Andrew followed the Lord

Went a bit further picked up a few more

It didn’t take long they were a fishing machine



There are so many souls that need to be saved

I’ll fish in the sun I’ll fish in the rain

You know where I’ll be next Sunday


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