The Cross Gives Me Hope

Recorded and singled by The Akins.

Written by David Akin


When my heart is heavy and the tears start to flow

My life seems so hopeless and I just don’t know

The answer to questions that I can’t explain

But then I remember that God knows my name



The cross gives me hope to face my tomorrow

Reminds me that Jesus in love took mu place

The cross gives me hope reminds me He cares for me

And I have been saved by His grace



In times of confusion in times of despair

In times when I feel as if God isn’t there

I’ll keep on believing, by faith I’ll proclaim

That Jesus is still Lord of all and He knows my name



The pain that He suffered the blood that He shed

The cross that He carried the life that He led

When the tomb became empty hope staked its claim

And some day when that roll is called He’l call my name


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