Any Day Now

Previously written and recorded by The Akins

Written by Nick Akin

I wear a blue collar, I’m a simple kind of guy
I ain’t a Bible scholar, But even I can see the signs
That Jesus is returning, He’s coming for His bride
So you best make sure you’re ready,
Or you could be left behind

Any day now We could hear the trumpet sound
And meet Jesus face to face Up in the clouds
I don’t claim to know it all
But when I take a look around
It seems to me it could be any day now

Just flipped on the evening news, I can’t believe my eyes
Prophecies are comin’ true, Guess I shouldn’t be surprised
When I hear about the wars, The earthquakes and the storms
They’re reminding us that Every day is closer than before

I can’t deny it, it’s everywhere I look
So familiar, like I’ve read it in a book
And to say it’s just coincidence
Wouldn’t make a bit of sense
So if you haven’t been, start lookin’ up


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