Faith Thing

Previously recorded and singled by The Akins.

Written by Nick Akin

This world’s been shaped By some great minds
The Isaac Newtons and Einsteins
But thoughts and innovations,
And mathematical equations
Can’t explain the mystery of God
It’s a faith thing

Cause God is three, and He’s still one
Try to explain, it can’t be done
He made the world in seven days,
Died and rose from the grave
And still He’s the God that saves

Commanded Moses to raise his staff
Split the ocean and made a path
He turned the water into wine
He’s everywhere all the time
You can’t wrap a God like that
Around your mind
It’s a faith thing

Some are gonna have a lot of questions
Like “Where was God on 9/11?”
Well what about all the other planes
That safely make it in?
Sometimes we just gotta trust Him
It’s a faith thing
We only see an inch of God’s mile
We gotta come like a small child
It’s a faith thing


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