I Want My Stage To Be An Altar

Previously recorded and singled by The Akins.

Written by Nick Akin

Verse 1:
Another town another place
A different crowd a brand new stage
The spotlight’s on me I get to choose
To keep it there or point it to you

I want my stage to be an altar
So all the praise goes to the Father
If I get selfish and make this life all about me
Lord please I want my stage to be an altar

Verse 2:
Alarm goes off to start the day
Each child of God takes their stage
Might be at school or a job somewhere
This world could change if this was our prayer

Repeat Chorus

Some perform to thousands
And some to just a few
But numbers aren’t important
Just gotta do what we can do
Then one day when we see Jesus
And we touch His nail scarred hands
He’s gonna tell us how our little lives
Were such a big part of His plan

Repeat Chorus

I want my stage to be an altar
I want my stage to be an altar

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