When You’re In Love

Written by Nick Akin


Ever since she’s been beside me

There is nowhere else you’ll find me

Life’s a lighter load to carry when you’re in love

And yet there’s no way to describe it

Cause there’s nothing else quite like it

You just know it when you’ve got it

When you’re in love



When you’re in love there’s nothing you don’t do

You’d give anything just to see on dream come true

When you’re in love you’d even die to show it

You’ve got to let the whole world know when you’re in love



There was a time when our creator

Came to earth to be our Savior

You could tell by His behavior He was in love

And when the ripped His back to shreds

And put the nails into His hands

He didn’t stop it for one reason

He was in love



It moves you like a speeding train

And life will never be the same

When you’re in love


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