I’ll Be Happy When

Previously recorded and singled by The Akins.

Written by Eli Akin, Nick Akin
I’ll be happy when all my chores are done
So I can go outside and have a little fun
I’ll be happy when Christmas day gets here
So I can open all the presents
I’ve been waitin’ on all year

I’ll be happy when I can put the car in drive
And go out to the movies
With a girl at my side
I’ll be happy when I put on that cap and gown
So I can head to college
And get out of this town

I’ll be happy when my “I’ll be happy whens” are over
And I’m on the other side
Skippin’ rocks with Jesus by the river
Right now I’m searchin’ for a thrill
There’s a void I gotta fill
But it won’t happen ‘till
My “I’ll be happy whens” are over

I’ll be happy when The wedding day comes
And we’re on the honeymoon
Just soakin’ up the sun
I’ll be happy when we pay off our home
And the kids have graduated
And there’re no more college loans

I’ll be happy when I got grandkids of my own
I’ll have that #1 Grandpa t-shirt on
I’ll be happy when I finally retire
Gonna buy a GPS and see
The world with my wife


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