When God has Another Plan

Previously recorded by The Greenes.

Written by Daryl Williams and Amy Keffer-Shellem

Verse 1


Forsaken by his brothers

Didn’t fit the scene

Being made a slave

Was not what Joseph dreamed

The coat of many colors was stained

With blood and lies

But, from this divine appointment

A ruler would arise




When God has another plan

Walk on and just say yes

When God has another plan

Be assured that He knows best

If all your dreams are shattered

Rest in His sufficient grace

We don’t have to understand

When God has another plan


Verse 2


Alone and brokenhearted

Questions full your mind

Changes can be hard

That come by God’s design

But if you could see tomorrow

With a view from heaven’s throne

Every unexpected struggle

Has led you closer home


Repeat Chorus


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