Launch Out Into the Deep

Written by Larry Collie

They had toiled all night on Lake Genessaret
Since they had caught nothin’, they were washin’ their nets
And Jesus said, Peter get away from the shore
Launch out on the deep and see what’s waiting in store

Peter said, Master, we’ve been fishin’ all night
Although we’ve caught nothin’, it will be all right
But even so, Lord, I’m gonna do what you say
Then their catch was so great their nets began to break

(Why don’t you launch) Why don’t you launch out into the deep
Don’t let your past failures keep you in defeat
A blessing is waiting for you to receive
(If you will launch) If you will launch out into the deep

Now you may be like Peter; you’ve been toiling in vain
You’ve labored, and noticed your results are the same
Don’t fear the deep water; you won’t drift too far
‘Cause out in the deep is where the big fish are

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