Nothing that God Can’t Do

Written by Larry Collie

I’ve read the Bible and I’ve heard the stories
That were written many years ago
I’ve heard how Jesus calmed the raging waters
When the tempest began to blow
There were three Hebrew boys who were thrown in the flame
When they wouldn’t bow down on the king
And Paul and Silas, who were freed from prison
At midnight they began to sing

I’ve heard what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah
When the fire and brimstone fell
How the Hebrews murmured in the wilderness
And God filled their bellies with quail
There was a crippled man with a withered hand
Jesus healed him on the Sabbath day
If He did it back then, He can do it again
God will always make a way

He was Moses’ rod, and the power of God
Had made a way through the mighty Red Sea
When Pharaoh’s men were closing in
God delivered them and set them free
Just five loaves and two little fishes
Jesus fed a great multitude
You may be staring at lack, but I know for a fact
There’s nothing that God can’t do

I’ve heard how David with a sling in his hand
Caused mighty Goliath to fall
There are so many stories that time would fail me
If I tried to remember them all
But there’s one more story that I have to mention
It’s when Jesus died on that tree
When the Great I AM became the spotless Lamb
And purchased salvation for me

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