Does Anyone Care

Does Anyone Care

Christie Capps

Asheville Music Publishing / BMI / Chris White Music / BMI

1st verse

A mother and her son were sent away. They only had provisions for one day. And when that ran out the boy began to cry. Mama has he left us here to die?


Is anybody listening? Does anyone care that I’m all alone and dying out here? If I could find someone to quench my thirst and lead me to the well…Is anybody listening? Does anyone care?

2nd verse

His mama shed a tear as he sat there in the shade. She didn’t want to leave him there that day. She walked just a bow shot and she fell, for right before her eyes God placed a well.

2nd chorus

Child, I am listening. I care that you’re all alone and dying out there. You have found someone to quench your thirst. I am the well. I am listening. I care.

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