Making My Way

Making My Way

Christie Capps

Asheville Music Publishing / BMI / Chris White Music / BMI

1st verse

There was a little woman…she was pressing through the crowd. She was needing healing, but she couldn’t figure out. How am I gonna get through the crowd to touch Him? I’m not supposed to get too close, but I know if I could reach Him, by faith I’ll be made whole.


I’m making my way to Jesus. Pressing through the crowd. Making my way to Jesus. There’s no time for doubt. While I’m making my way He’s making a way that I can go on through. So, friend if you are making your way, He’s making a way for you.

2nd verse

I was an old sinner. I was as lost as I could be. I was needing a Savior, someone who could set me free. So, I got up from the pew and I walked down to the altar where He turned me around. I never will forget the day I looked to Him to say…

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