That’s What I’m Living For

Written by Leigh Parsons Sexton

Verse 1
The things I have down here they aren’t much for you to see
But I’ve laid up my treasure on high in a home abundant and free
There’ve been sacrifices made troubles so hard to bear
But I count them as loss for the sake of the cross and the joy that’s awaiting me there

In that promised land on that golden strand
I’ll see my Saviors face
It will be such bliss with the one’s I’ve missed
In that resting place
I’ve a crown to wear and a mansion fair
I can hardly wait for Him to adore forever more
That’s what I’m living for

Verse 2
I’m putting mistakes behind I’m reaching to those things before
I’ve fixed my eyes on the prize I’ve found in Christ my Lord
Silver and gold will fade this world will soon be passed
I’ve got to hold on to this hope that is strong
Only what’s done for Christ will last


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