Who I Once Was


Written by Leigh Parsons Sexton


Verse 1
All alone in sins dark night no hope I had within
Despair and gloom had me buried ‘neath the weight of my sin
I was blind and could not see until your grace captured me
Now I’m here to say that I’m forever changed!

That’s who I once was
Now I’m redeemed by the blood of the lamb.
That’s who I once was
Now I’m a child of the great I Am!
Not because of who I am
But because of who you are!
Praise the Lord
That’s who I once was!

How can I pass them by
Knowing where you’ve brought me from
I must tell them of your love and the victories you’ve won
All the miracles I’ve seen and the blackest hearts made clean!
How you’ve made this wretched worm pass from death to life!

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