The Day My Lord Was Raised

Previously recorded by the Skyline Boys.


Written by Matt Rankin


All hope seemed to be gone, the day when Jesus died.
The crowd stood there watching as He hung there crucified.
They took him to a borrowed tomb and there his body lay.
But on the third, the tomb was empty and the stone was rolled away.

All evidence of death was gone the day my Lord was raised.
For behind the stone was nothing more than the grave clothes folded, where he lay.
Death, Hell, and the grave were defeated on that resurrection day,
And with power and great glory, He’s still alive today.

That ole’ devil was rejoicing the day my Lord was crucified.
All Hell was up raisin’ the moment Jesus died.
I would have loved to see ole’ Satan’s face when he heard the news that day.
Jesus is not here! He is risen! For he’s alive today!

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