Found to Reach the Lost


Written by Matt Rankin


Vs 1:

Paul was walking down Damascus road one day

He saw a bright light, and his sight was taken away.

Then he heard a voice from heaven saying “why do you persecute me”?

So he got up from that place and he started to preach.

And he said,



I’ve been found to reach the lost.

So I’m gonna bear this old rugged cross

I’ll lift high the blood stained banner

And I’ll preach for the Lord,

And I’ll march on to vict’ry to proclaim his holy word.

I don’t have much to offer but I’ll give what I’ve got

I’ve been found to reach the lost.


Vs 2.


I was wondering all alone in this life

Until the day he came to me and I met the Christ.

I said I believe that you died on that cross

And then he said to me, I found you. So that you could reach the lost,

Now I’m singin’….

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