I’ll Cast My Crown

Previously recorded by Vintage Quartet.


Written by Matt Rankin


Vs. 1

The day is approaching when things of earth shall pass away.

All sorrows will be ended on that eternal day.

The saints will all be home at last we shall see our King.

And we’ll celebrate around the throne and lay our crowns at His feet.



At Jesus feet

I’ll cast my crown

Before His throne

I’ll humbly bow.

The angels will all be silent

For they’ll not know the song I sing.

And redemption will be the melody that I bring

I’ll cast my crown at Jesus feet.


Vs. 2

I’m ready for His appearing and that final judgment hour

When satan will cower before our Lord without dominion or power.

His sentence will be issued and all of Heav’n will rejoice in victory.

For our accuser will be bound in Hell, for all eternity.

Then I will approach the throne to show my thankfulness

To be in His presence in sweet everlasting rest.



Crown Him with many crowns….


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