I Am Blessed

Previously recorded and singled by Soul’d Out Quartet.


Written by Matt Rankin


Vs. 1

I was a sinner simply existing in this world

Until one day Lord Jesus came and spoke to me his word.

Now I admit I had to submit to his spirit’s call.

Then he touched my soul and made me whole when I gave him my all.



Well I know he saved me

When I called on his name that blessed hour

And I know he changed me and he made me new

When I felt his saving power.

Not I’m still living a life of sacrifice and I know he’ll see me through

I must confess, I am blessed.


Vs. 2

It’s been many years since I’ve shed those tears

Down at an alter of prayer that day.

But I’m just as excited that the Lord delighted

In making this sinner saved.

As a matter of fact the day asked to put his saving grace on me

I got something new now heaven’s in view

And I’ll live with him eternally.



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